It’s that time of the year again!

This morning Apple kicked off its annual WWDC: a keynote jammed to the brim with all the new stuff coming to its various devices.

Didn’t have time to tune into the live stream? Don’t worry. I’ve boiled down all of the biggest news to the bullet points below. So please give it a glance at your leisure!

Unlike the earlier events, this year, Apple opened the event uniquely and more creatively.

Pre-event: There was some generic piano music and a bunch of Memojis saying hello in different languages as nearby Memojis stared at…

Source: Apple

WWDC20 is Apple’s first-ever “Virtual Developer Conference,” streamed exclusively ‘online’ with no one physically present in Steve Jobs theater. Nevertheless, the experience was nothing less of being magical.

Event was action-packed with so many announcements; a few that were expected, and a few took most of us by surprise.

It’s here that we bring some of our biggest innovations to life. — Tim Cook

There was pre-event music as always; however, this time, there was some dreamlike trance-inducing music playing with a tranquil image of a spinning globe with Mimojis with Macbooks around the world.

Tim Cook kicks-off WWDC2020 by…

Wearables have created a trend in the world of technology and are becoming increasingly popular. The trend is only going to increase as technology thrives.

Source: Pebble/pinterest

Wearable tech has come a very long way. Do you know the first wearable tech dates back to the 13th Century when eyeglasses were invented? Again, depending on what you want to call technology.

However, wearable technology achieved mainstream popularity when Bluetooth headset was first introduced in 2002, followed by fitness trackers like Fitbit and Google Glass gaining popularity for wearable tech.

Later, 2014, was dubbed, “The Year Of Wearable Technology.”

Unlike in the past…

Source: Apple

As always, the keynote started with a stunning video covering almost every product that Apple has ever designed to date. It’s a walk down the memory lane — iPods to iPhones, iMacs to MacBook Pros, Air Pods to Apple TV, Find My app to Apple Music, Breath app to workout trackers, Apple watches to Home pod.

“Give people wonderful tools. They will do wonderful things.” — Apple

This is a terrific way to open the keynote.

Source: Google

Mind = Blown!!

That’s the only expression I had in my head towards the end of WWDC19.

Apple never fails to impress me. This is one of the best events Apple did in years. Apple touched almost every product in its ecosystem with an update.

These new features and updates will impact every corner of Apple’s ecosystem.

There are several high-profile announcements during the two and a half hours’ keynote. If you missed the event, sit back and relax, as I have wrapped it all up for you in an easily and quickly readable package.

Here is everything announced, in a nutshell:

1. iPhone gets an update…


Little late to the party but here it is!

Google I/O 2019 is all about privacy and security and how Google is investing more efforts to make “next-gen” Google assistant more helpful to its users by introducing it across all of its product lines.

Google has always been one step ahead in the market when it comes to the smart Assistant space, and the only strong competitor has been Amazon’s Alexa.

Unlike Amazon, Google is quick enough to stretch its Google assistant across other divisions like — Google lens, Google Home, Google Duplex, and of course, Android OS. …

Source: Google

Samsung’s 2019 Unpacked event was full of innovation and I must admit, they left no stones unturned. Samsung has taken mobile phones to a new level altogether.

Samsung is making the next era of mobile innovation even more amazing than the first.

Event started on a very high note with a lot of expectation around foldable phones. If you remember, Samsung teased its foldable phone with not-so-subtle hints on its Facebook and Twitter last year. This created a lot of anticipation in the market and the reasons are 2 fold –

  1. Not just Samsung, but, other phone manufactures like Huawei…

WWDC 2018 – little things adding up! A bunch of amazing features!


It’s that time again.

A lot has happened in the last night’s Apple WWDC 2108. A bunch of updates were announced across all Apple’s major operating systems and honestly, this event has got a little something for everyone.

To start with,

Apple kept stressing a lot on privacy and how they are determined to protect user’s data. Not just that, Tim Cook also mentioned that all its products are designed keeping “customer at the centre of everything”.

“customer at the centre of everything”.

This year’s WWDC is more…

“By 2018 there will be around 500 smart connected devices in the home via Internet of Things. Therefore, enterprises who are still in a dilemma, now it becomes essential for them to embrace these two concepts in their customer engagement strategies”.–Gartner

Technology is making our life easy. We are now either a command or a click away to shop almost anything. Remember Amazon dash wand — it’s as easy as “Say it, Scan it and Ask Alexa” and you are sorted.

“Smart home will be an area of dramatic evolution over the next decade and will offer many innovative digital…

A new epic rivalry is developing in the tech world and it’s not between “Google and Apple” any longer! — The next great battle is between Google and Amazon.

Probably, it’s time we agree that Google is targeting the sky and not the stars anymore. It’s because, Google’s focus on mobile-first to an AI-first world is still intact.

“We are rethinking all of our code products,” Pichai says, and “working hard to solve usage problems” by applying ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intiligence).

Google focuses so much on AI and ML because it’s the company’s core advantage over Apple…

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